1080p High Definition Video Surveillance Systems

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High Definition CCTV Network Video Recorder


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Digital Zoom without Pixelation

HD CCTV Cameras

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WIRELESS Video Surveillance Systems

Wireless CCTV

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Schedule Your Free On-Site Consultation Today! Video Surveillance & CCTV Systems with Crystal Clear 1080p x 1920p High Definition Cameras with Superior Image Resolution.

Critical Reasons to Choose Chicago Hi-Def Video Surveillance!

1080p High Definition Resolution & 30 fps

True “Broadcast Quality” 1080p x 1920 High Definition Resolution. Don’t let them fool you with 720p HD surveillance cameras, this is true 1080p high definition video surveillance! Presented in widescreen format (16:9 ratio) with stellar color fidelity that excels at night. All at 30 frames per second, per camera. Experience the quality with your own eyes: >>>Click HereHD-Logo1(150)

Superior Hardware & Components

Enterprise class network video recorders built to excel with high resolution video based images. We utilize the best of breed: hardware , chip-sets, and video cards. Our superior video surveillance systems are designed to excel: 24 x 7 x 365!


Intuitive Software & Remote Viewing

Best of breed intuitive surveillance monitoring software that is powerful & intuitive yet easy to operate. H.264 video compression algorithm maximizes delivery speed, conserves bandwith, minimizies storage, and enhances video playback quality. This is critical when streaming high resolution images via internet or smart phone. {Iphone, Android, Blackberry}


Expandable / Upgradeable

Fully Expandable as your needs grown. You’re not stuck with the limitations of an  “out of the box” dvr based system. Completely upgradeable hardware & equipment will ensure your system won’t become obsolete in 2 years. As technology changes and improves, your system will always be at the cutting edge !serverNetworkbox(250)