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Video Surveillance System Connectivity

Connectivity In professional video surveillance, cameras are always connected to video management systems for the purpose of recording and managing access to video. There are two main characteristics to decide on for connectivity. Analog versus Internet Protocol :  Video can be transmitted over your computer network (IP) or it can be sent as native analog video. Today, most video feeds …

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CCTV Security Camera Selection

Fixed Camera versus Pan Tilt Zoom { PTZ}  A cctv camera can be fixed to only look at one specific view or it can be se on an automated tour through moving left and right, up and down, closer and further away). Most cameras used in surveillance are fixed. PTZ cameras are generally used to cover wider fields of views …

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Video Surveillance System & CCTV System Solution Design Guide — Introduction

Designing a video surveillance solution requires decisions on 7 fundamental questions. This blog series takes the customer through each issue explaining the basic options and reasons for selecting different available Video Surveillance System options. This is a blog series to help those new to purchasing a video surveillance or CCTV system. Its goal is to quickly identify the key aspects of …

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Professional Best of Breed Video Surveillance & CCTV Installation in Chicago Metro Area