Video Surveillance Systems Chicago

A video surveillance system can be a vital component in the overall strategy a security manager or facility manager implements to protect employees and customers and to monitor assets.  Yet, it is imperative that prior to any purchase, you do your homework to understand the basics and identify specific goals for its use.  There are numerous brands with dozens of …

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Defining Video Surveillance Cameras Chicago Technical Security Camera Specifications

A) Capturing real-time video for Video Surveillance Cameras Chicago Technical Security Camera Specifications Real-time surveillance requires integration of cameras and high-quality displays. In defining their needs, users should consider whether cameras will be used for recording video stream, even if the primary usage is in real-time (i.e. the recording could well have forensic or analytic uses down the line). Highresolution cameras …

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Core CCTV Chicago & Video Surveillance System Chicago Components


Video Surveillance Systems Chicago Components: This section provides a summary of the fundamental components of a video system. These components provide the foundation for any basic video system. Each component affects video quality. The user can use the Generalized Use Class that he created based on the selections from Table I to identify performance specifications for the video system components in future guidance material. …

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Using CCTV Chicago Public Video Surveillance Chicago Systems for Crime Control


CCTV Systems Chicago, IL A. Video Quality Video Quality is the video delivered to end users that allows them to recognize objects. Other terms used to refer to video quality are “visual intelligibility” and “visual acuity.” These equate to a visual extension of a “can you hear me” audio test, rephrased as “can you see me?” This guide reflects this …

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Video Surveillance & CCTV Viewing Options

Viewing Video Surveillance Options Surveillance video is ultimately viewed by people and security staff. Of the video that is viewed, the most common use is for historical investigations. Some surveillance video is viewed live continuously by on-site security personnel, generally in retail to spot shoplifters and reduce shrinkage. In public surveillance it is typically to identify criminal threats. Most live …

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Video analytics refers to two quite different kinds of analysis of videos, image data that can be displayed on a variety of devices, such as mobile devices, computer monitors, and television screens. For one thing, when videos are posted online, video analytics can refer to an analysis of information about those videos and their viewers. The pioneer in this use seems to …

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CCTV Video Surveillance Storage

Surveillance video is typically stored for later retrieval and review. The average storage duration is between 30 and 90 days. However, with the low cots of memory these days we can provide systems that record for much longer.The two most important drivers for determining storage duration is the magnitude and risks security threats an organization faces. The larger the liability, …

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CCTV Video Surveillance Viewing and Management System Selection

Video Surveillance System Viewing and Management System Selection: Video management systems are the hub of video surveillance solutions, displaying video from security cameras, storing the video digitally, and managing playback of video to viewers. There are four fundamental options in video management systems. Most organizations choose one of the four. However, it’s possible that companies may have multiple types when …

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Video Surveillance System Connectivity

Connectivity In professional video surveillance, cameras are always connected to video management systems for the purpose of recording and managing access to video. There are two main characteristics to decide on for connectivity. Analog versus Internet Protocol :  Video can be transmitted over your computer network (IP) or it can be sent as native analog video. Today, most video feeds …

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CCTV Security Camera Selection

Fixed Camera versus Pan Tilt Zoom { PTZ}  A cctv camera can be fixed to only look at one specific view or it can be se on an automated tour through moving left and right, up and down, closer and further away). Most cameras used in surveillance are fixed. PTZ cameras are generally used to cover wider fields of views …

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