CCTV Security Camera Selection

Fixed Camera versus Pan Tilt Zoom { PTZ}  A cctv camera can be fixed to only look at one specific view or it can be se on an automated tour through moving left and right, up and down, closer and further away). Most cameras used in surveillance are fixed. PTZ cameras are generally used to cover wider fields of views and in larger areas like parking lots, equipment yards, and campuses. A key reason fixed cameras are generally used is that they cost 5 to 8 times less than PTZs (fixed cameras average $200 to $500 USD whereas PTZ cameras can be over $2,000 USD). But, in many cases a properly placed PTZ on the proper tour can negate 4-6 cameras.

  1. Color versus Thermal:  In CCTV, a video can be color or black and white. In video surveillance today, the only time producing a black and white image makes sense is when lighting is very low (e.g., night darkness). In those conditions, infrared or thermal cameras produce black and white images. Infrared cameras require special lamps (infrared illuminators) that produce clear image in the dark. Thermal cameras require no lighting but product only silhouettes of objects and are very expensive ($5,000 to $20,000 on average) In day time or lighted areas, color cameras are the obvious choice as the premium for color over black and white is trivial
  2. Standard Definition vs. Megapixel:  This choice is similar to that of TVs. Just like in the consumer world, historically everyone used standard definition cameras but now users are shifting into high definition cameras. While high definition TV maxes out at 3 MP, surveillance cameras can provide up to 16 MP resolutions. In 2008, megapixel cameras only represent about 4% of total cameras sold but they are expanding very rapidly. See Here to view our HD Surveillance Systems  to learn more.

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