CCTV Video Surveillance Storage

Surveillance video is typically stored for later retrieval and review. The average storage duration is between 30 and 90 days. However, with the low cots of memory these days we can provide systems that record for much longer.The two most important drivers for determining storage duration is the magnitude and risks security threats an organization faces. The larger the liability, risk, or extend of shrinkage, the more video surveillance system storage you will require.

While storage is always getting cheaper, video surveillance demands huge amount of storage, and the proper video cards and computer hardware to run 24 x 7 x 365. Chicago High Definition Video Surveillance Systems commonly require multiple terabytes of storage, operate on heavy-duty server hardware, and utilize state of the art video cards made specifically for CCTV Chicago demands.

Three fundamental types of storage may be selected:

  • Internal┬ástorage uses hard drives built inside of a DVR, NVR or Server. Today this is still the most common form of storage. With hard drives of up to 1 TB common today, internal storage can provide total storage of 2TB to 4TB. It is used the most frequently in video surveillance camera systems.
  • Directly Attached┬ástorage is when hard drives are located outside of the DVR, NVR or server. Storage appliances such as NAS or SANs are used to manage hard drives. This usually provides greater scale, flexibility and redundancy. However, the cost per TB is usually more than internal storage. Attached storage is most often used in large camera count applications.
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