CCTV Video Surveillance Viewing and Management System Selection

Video Surveillance System Viewing and Management System Selection:

Video management systems are the hub of video surveillance solutions, displaying video from security cameras, storing the video digitally, and managing playback of video to viewers.

There are four fundamental options in video management systems. Most organizations choose one of the four. However, it’s possible that companies may have multiple types when they transition between one to another.

DVRs are purpose built computer like servers that combine software, hardware and video storage all into one unit. By definition, they only accept analog camera feeds. Almost all DVRs today support remote viewing over the Internet or Video Security over internet protocol. DVRs are still today the most common option for commercial and insutrial applications.

HDVRs or hybrid DVRs are DVRs that support Analog & IP cameras. They have all the functionality of a DVR listed above plus they add support for IP and megapixel cameras. Most DVRs can be software upgraded to become HDVRs. Such upgrades are certainly a significant trend and is attractive because of the low migration cost.

NVRs are like DVRs in all ways except for camera support. Whereas a DVR only supports analog cameras, an NVR only supports IP cameras, and high defintion megapixel cameras. To support analog cameras with an NVR, an encoder must be used.

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