Access Control Equipment

Presenting the PowerNet IP Reader-Controller™
Newest product in the award-winning line of PowerNet IP Readers™
The first, panel-free, IP reader-controller with Power over Ethernet

Advantages over old-fashioned, panel – based access control:
· TCP / IP Direct Connectivity
· Open System built with MS Windows
· Reads HID proximity cards and ISONAS proprietary cards
· Connector replaces pig-tail for quick and simple installation
· Power Over Ethernet (PoE) built in

AccessControlSystemAccessControlKeypad 0

· Ethernet, TCP/IP, standard RJ45, Interrupt driven
· New RS232 interface to connect serial devices like Pin Pads
· New Power Reset button cycles power on reader – no need to disconnect wires.
· New Reset to Factory Defaults button – if communication is lost, reader can be quickly
· New Power OUTPUT – excess power from the PoE circuit is available to power other
devices like the electronic lock. The available power is at least 0.5 amps at 12 volts.
· New field flashing – Flash the microcode on any reader, anywhere on the network.
· ASYNCH network communications – The reader is no longer polled.
· Expanded Local Mode feature set –Allows more installations to operate in Local Mode.
Results in faster user response times, less network traffic, and reduced host system

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