Licence Plate Camera

License Plate Camera


▶ Consistent, reliable 24/7 capture regardless of weather or lighting conditions

▶ Integrated color overview camera for surrounding area surveillance

▶ Capture at up to 190 kph (120 mph) for highways,
motorways and other high-speed applications

▶ Average LED operational life of more than 5 years

The REG‑Z1 integrates easily with industry standard DVRs,
NVRs, IP video servers and wireless broadband equipment.
The REG‑Z1’s imaging technology delivers the high contrast
images needed for Automatic License Plate Recognition

The REG‑Z1 series delivers advanced performance in
vehicle license plate capture. Integrating advances in
optics, infrared illumination and ambient rejection
technology, the REG‑Z1 delivers high contrast license plate
images consistently and reliably.
The REG‑Z1 has an operational range of up to 50 m (164 ft)
or 37 m (120 ft) depending on number plate size. Ambient
rejection technology ensures that the REG‑Z1 provides high
contrast license plate images across the complete
spectrum of ambient lighting conditions, from total
darkness to direct glare from sunlight or vehicle headlights.
The REG‑Z1 series offers a choice of single license plate
capture camera or license plate capture with integrated
480 TVL color camera to provide overview images of the
surrounding area including vehicle color, shape and model.
A high-speed optical engine captures plates from vehicles
traveling at speeds of up to 190 kph (120 mph), making
REG‑Z1 suitable for motorways, highways and other high
speed applications.
IP66 / NEMA4 rated, the


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