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High Definition Video Surveillance Chicago strictly specializes in the design, installation and servicing of Video Surveillance Camera Systems and Closed Circuit Television Security Cameras in the Chicago Illinois Metro Area. We have earned the confidence of our valued customers by providing professional assistance on all of our video surveillance systems, industrial viewing applications, and digital network video recording solutions. We offer leading edge technology for network video, wireless applications, high definition video cameras, and intuitive viewing software platforms.

Our extensive background as a systems integrator specializing in high definition video surveillance technology allows us to thoroughly analyze our customer’s specific needs and design the optimal security camera solution. We then recommend the best product integration which will offer value, quality, user-friendliness and reliability for your unique individual security and safety requirements. We also specialize in utilizing CCTV to manage processes, supervise staff, complement automated manufacturing processes, synchronize with automated manufacturing systems that result in increased productivity and larger profit margins. Today’s enterprise class video surveillance systems go well beyond increasing security,safety,decreasing risk,liabilities, and cutting shrinkage. They can literally be optimized for business process management to deliver a measurable return on investment.

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Since it appears that in the landscape of Chicago area video surveillance and CCTV Security providers, there lacks the existence of one provider that is the best suited to serve every single client and each of their unique specifications for professional commercial grade video surveillance camera systems. That is why a seasoned video surveillance expert founded Chicago High Definition Video Surveillance. The goal is to bring the core competencies of several professional and reputable Video Security providers under one consultancy roof. Our mission is to provide buyers with the best options and contractors available for their specific needs. We’ve scoured the Chicago marketplace for the best of breed providers across the entire surveillance technology spectrum. We leveraged our technical expertise and experience to find the best professional video surveillance and CCTV Security offerings available in the Chicago Metro Area. Providers must be best of breed in (6) critical areas: We of course hold ourselves accountable to these same stringent standards and our mission is to bring you the best fit for your specific needs.

1) Surveillance Equipment (Cameras, wiring, connectors)

2) Hardware & Technology (NVR, video chips, video cards, server)

3) Software Platform (Front-End viewing software)

4) VSIP Protocol Maximization / High Resolution Image Recording (H.624 image compression)

5) Technician Expertise & Exceptional Installation Standards

6) Top-Notch,Reliable, and Rapid Customer Service

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Professional Best of Breed Video Surveillance & CCTV Installation in Chicago Metro Area